Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why doesn't sleeping help?

On my way home today, I noticed loud music, so I turned around and there was a b-boy crew up on stage. Not very good dancing and a super tame audience, but an amusing diversion.

After that, I saw the line for the waffle place. I'm sorry, I mean A waffle place. They're all the rage here.

That's the sign for the stand, which romanizes back to something like "wah-pul" b/c there is no "f" sound in Korean. No sounds made by bringing together the front teeth and bottom lip exist in Korean.

In case you didn't believe me about the rage, this is a vendor just down the street from that first window. I'd say about 100 meters away, but I still can't gauge meters very well (and could NEVER gauge distance in feet or miles, so forget about that). The sign says ice cream waffles (the line in blue) and then just regular cream waffles (the line in pink). At today's exchange rate, you get one for under $1.15.

And in case you REALLY didn't believe me, this is another stand in a different part of town, on my way to catch the bus home. I only shot the ones that I noticed, but I'm sure there were more. I also saw a LOT of people eating them on the street. But I thought it would be too rude to shoot them. On the bus, a woman w/a very messy waffle and coffee in an open container sat next to me, and for a few minutes, I was terrified about it splashing all over me. Plus whatever was inside her waffle was green.

The pollution in Seoul is quite awful and makes me want to move out of the city. Meanwhile, I finished knitting another piece today, made some mail art, did homework, and pretty much was sleepy the entire time. Which I don't understand, since I got almost 12 hours of sleep last night. I'm going to bed early tonight again to see if it helps to get TWO nights in a row of sleep.

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