Monday, October 13, 2008

New digs

This is the view from my new studio. That tall building was purposely built w/a big hole in its center, for feng shui purposes. There's a huge bookstore in its basement.

This is the view looking further...west? I think. I still have no sense of direction in Seoul. None, whatsoever.

This building is directly across from me and I've been fascinated by the construction progress inside. I'm VERY curious as to what will be moving into each of these floors.

Knitted ramie (how long has this gone on for?? I FINALLY finished the skein tonight. It's roughly 280cm long), and my new mp3 player.

This would be after I took a pseudo nap while listening to Daft Punk, after tutoring, before starting my homework. The good news: my cousin's wife booked a room for me at a serviced residence for Wed night. Just as good as a hotel...wait! I think it comes w/a washer/dryer. Wohoo! I was going to wash clothes by hand tomorrow but forget it, I'm doing laundry on my birthday. Which, for an American is very exciting, since regular people in Korea don't have dryers. I know, if Americans didn't use dryers, we could stop generating nuclear energy, but I miss doing laundry the wasteful, planet-killing American way.

This weekend was all drama, all exhaustion, getting dizzy from spinning my nephew around, ice cream after moving into my new studio, and dinner w/a fellow Fulbrighter. More like beer and some food on the side. I had another breakup this weekend that made me really sad but I like to think that I am learning. Today I worked with my tutor on locating contact info for people and places related to my research. If I get my nerve up tomorrow morning, I'm making calls.

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  1. I hear ya on the whole dryer thing. I haven't had a dryer in two years, so I iron all of Massimo's clothing (and a bunch of my own) just to make it soft. And since we're using cloth diapers, I have to scrunch those a bit once they're dry. I could reclaim hours and hours of my time each week... if I only had a dryer!


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