Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boram's solo show!

All my plans fell through today but the ONE great thing I got to do was visit Boram (left) at her solo exhibit in Seoul at Gallery Andante. She was there with Yoon-sung, the curator (right), and I had a really nice time.

It was really good to see the work in person after only seeing it online for months. I wish more people were able to view in, but it will be up until November 2nd, so hopefully all the Seoulites will make it.

I was really struck by the large piece on canvas, b/c she treated it exactly the way I did back almost ten years ago when I prepped canvas for a book transcription.

These are some of her publications, and also some clay pieces that she made and fired while in residence at the Vermont Studio Center.

I really like her small drawings. She does very personal and intimate work, which is probably why it resonates w/me.

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