Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Plans, plans, plans

They never work out! Don't ask why I still plan. Everyone I called today didn't pick up, so I psyched myself up for nothing. There's no voicemail in Korea, so I just have to keep calling. Luckily, tomorrow I can't b/c of my last (hopefully) dentist visit. I'll meet the head of FIDES for lunch, so hopefully she can help me w/definite leads instead of my random smattering of randoms.

I swear, this street (where my tutoring and artmaking happen) is torn up daily. Construction in this country is incredible. It's an hour turnaround sometimes. When I first started lessons here, I used to stop into a convenience store for tea and snacks. Suddenly, w/no notice at all, it was torn down and within a WEEK, there was a grand opening for a new cafe. Just like that!! I know, it's way worse in places like China and Dubai, but still.

[The same street, opposite direction, at night.] Today's BIG feat was applying for internet banking. It's a confusing process, full of numbers that I don't even have (like a national ID), with vocab I definitely don't know. I went to the bank twice, and then had the front desk person at my school help me out. I think I'm set up now, but who knows. The big push to do it was my desire to get a digital dictionary: they're all cheaper online, so I need to be able to purchase them online (searching for them online will be the feat for another day).

I feel like the characters in my textbook for Korean: unable to do the simplest transactions. My tutor asked today, "Aimee, what do you DO on the days you don't have tutoring??" I have NO clue. When you're just trying to survive, you don't pay attention to the details. At least not the ones that make any sense.

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