Saturday, October 18, 2008

This is going to hurt

WHOA. Today's hike was ridiculous. It was pretty much rock climbing as far as I'm concerned. Ten of us went, all people I met through my language class last semester, a fun group. Mayumi's husband did a good job of constantly telling us that we were "almost there" to keep us going. When we got to the "knife rocks," I was like, are you KIDDING?? I did it, and I'm going to be in a lot of pain tomorrow. This mountain really sucks for people with short legs, but it was nice to feel like I had a really good sense of how my body was functioning, and to honor any instincts to fall back, take the path with my arms, or reposition my feet. It was an hours-long lesson in how insanely right-footed I am.

We had beer and some food at the bottom before taking a bus home. No one is home tonight, and I didn't know how to turn on the hot water heater, so guess who got to take a cold shower AND do laundry by hand w/cold water? Of course, my roommate called after it was over to tell me how to turn it on. Ooooh well. At least I know I'll sleep hard tonight.


Anonymous said...

first i thought you climbed this tower, and then i thought omg maybe she built it. sounds like fun though.

aimee said...

HAHA! i was too tired while posting to remember to say that i left my camera at home while hiking b/c there was no way i was going to add that weight.