Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Late nights

[The tree outside my new crash pad; the villa is built around it.] Yesterday was a classic example of me, out of my mind. I had to rush back to my family's home to pick up a letter rejecting my absentee ballot app and now I'm fighting w/a terrible Korean Windows machine that won't open a pdf so I can print a new one. Just let me vote already!!! I had lunch w/my aunt, ran out to mail art and rush to the subway, only to realize I left my Korean notebook at my family's place, so I had to rush BACK, and call my tutor to tell her I'd be late. After venting and learning a new set of irregular verbs, I took a long walk to figure out how one neighborhood hooks up with others, hopped a bus, and landed in a coffeeshop w/hot tea to transcribe notes before meeting Hyesun for dinner. Then I hopped another bus to my cousin's house to babysit. We had drinks when her husband got home from work at around 12:30am and now I know for certain that I hate Budweiser.

I meet an American artist today at a sweet tea house. Until then I need to hydrate and maybe do some homework. Still shirking research while marveling at my split personality - I'm a total homebody, but my social calendar is always booked solid. My big plan for my birthday next week is to book a hotel room for a night so that I can be ALONE. No worrying about being a burden on my family or anyone else's.

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