Friday, October 17, 2008


I somehow managed to get up and get on the train to meet Melissa for a trip to the National Museum of Contemporary Art outside of Seoul. It was mobbed by school groups and other tours but we managed to see some art and take in the Bill Viola installation. It was okay. I liked his last show in NYC much better, though.

There were tons of sculptures outside of the museum and thereabouts. This tower was huge. Melissa was super sweet and gave me two mixes for my bday. New music from a new friend! Yay.

I love all the stone structures. I didn't understand why this one was colored blue and red, though.

The museum is located in Seoul Grand Park, a HUGE park that also is home to this random amusement park or who even knows what it is...(no, I didn't see any lions today or ride the elephant train: the "shuttle" that takes you from place to place. Totally Disney).

I was almost late today to this mandatory Fulbright meeting where we had to listen to two lectures by Korean professors who want to go to the US to teach. It made me all fidgety and I wondered how I EVER survived all the schooling that I've gotten. A bunch of us went out afterwards for food and drink. Richard had threatened karaoke and dancing but luckily we just did tapas, wine, sangria, beer, and fried chicken (two different locations).

The sangria was super weak. But it was nice to hang out w/other researchers and see how everyone is faring in Korea. There are a few who have lived in Korea for a while before, and a huge range of research topics. Everyone is really nice, and really smart. So it was an unexpectedly pleasant evening. I especially enjoyed talking to Stephanie, who is almost 10 years younger than me but really smart about things that matter to me. She's doing research on autism awareness and disability rights legislation here. I loved that when I said that I am always stressed, she asked, "do you meditate?"

Time for bed: tomorrow is a BIG mountain hike. Yeesh.

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