Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Reentry always sucks

It's not like I was even away for very long. But today was very trying. My body staged a big enough protest for me to skip a lecture tonight, skip homework, and just come home. My roommate put out boric acid and potatoes but it seems like the ants are now coming out in bigger droves (I'm convinced that they are living inside of my MacBook). I'm still on a reaaaaaally slow connection, so I can't get pictures up very quickly. I'm hoping the first set will be done in an hour.

I was feeling bummed this morning about how hard it is to do the whole simultaneous language learning and research, and how maybe I should try to come back to Korea later to do just the language part. But honestly, why I would put myself through that kind of hell? Since this weekend's trip already confirmed that the little time I have left is not going to be adequate to save the dying art of papermaking in this country. Not that I even want to be saddled with that responsibility! It seems ridiculous to think that I'm the only one who is concerned about it fading away. I'm not the only one, right??

Sigh. See how easily I fell into negativity? Damn this urban living. Barely living, I think. And I'd be better off w/o the computer and the camera. Or, maybe I just need more sleep. But first, a few pushups!

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elizabeth ross said...

Aimee! but if you'd live in the country there would be more than ants living with you....do they bite you?
maybe if you let them be...

love you!