Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spa day

[Coming back home after dinner.] Even before arriving in Santa Fe, I was told to visit Ten Thousand Waves. Our first crew last month never made it, but thank goodness Vagner made it happen today. He and Marisa and Rita and I left the compound at 1pm for a wonderful, relaxing day. It was such a treat to lay around naked in a hot tub or a sauna or on a lounge chair or wherever. I read some of Rita's novel and even fell asleep in the relaxation room while listening to sounds of birds chirping, water falling, rain, and thunderstorms through headphones. Marisa shared snacks and I indulged in some mochi and only left the hot tub area to eat and explore and pee (we drank a lot of water to stay hydrated). Afterwards, I was in no mood to cook dinner so Vagner and I indulged even more and visited one of my favorite local places to eat, meeting a couple from Asheville at the communal table. When we got back, I finished sewing up my silk remnant scarf (too long and doesn't drape right but I will deal with that later), and was about to blog and then pack up for the night when Katherine called. We hadn't caught up since she graduated from Harvard w/her PhD, so I was happy to hear from her and wove while talking. I'm close to the bottom of my chamber pot, and way past bedtime!

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