Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Even though I told myself I wouldn't make any more dresses, I prepped more hanji last night for one more and today cut the pieces, this time for a dress with sleeves. For practice. But I was unhappy with how thick these sheets were (from drying errors made months ago), so I tried to delaminate them and was successful! The trouble now is that I have another front for yet another dress since I separated the sheets after cutting. Well, okay.
I had tried to do this whole chamber pot from memory, no notes, no referring to photos. But since this lid has been so tricky, I peeked at pictures and yikes! I splayed out too early. But I'm going to try and remedy the error on the second layer. It may not work but my hands and fingers are too tired to undo it. I made it to the gym again today but I'm not sure how smart that was. Also, I've been exceedingly tired all day. I think that means it's time to try and turn in early tonight. 8pm early, if possible.

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