Monday, June 18, 2012

One closure

FINALLY! I finished up this morning. I am very glad that I stopped myself last night, because this required a lot more concentration than I would have had last night. I descended too quickly at the bottom, so the inner layer has gotten hugged in and the floor is bulging up, but that can all be fudged later during the rice paste coat. For now, whew! Six weeks of on and off work for this pot.
Of course, the painful part is that I'm not done yet! It needs a lid. Less weaving, but much more engineering, since it has to fit the pot perfectly (and yet with a hair to spare to account for coats and finishes). My hands and fingers insisted that I stop and break for lunch, and then I went to acupuncture.
What a session! I asked for more attention to my right side b/c the overcompensation has been taking its toll. I ended up knocked out for a LONG time. At least, it felt like forever. I think an hour an a half. It was a scorching ride home (the car is black and was not in shade and the A/C was not really working) but it was so wonderful to come back to this piece of mail from Cheryl and Joe! I lay down to rest and hang out with Vagner in the A/C that we usually curse for its chilliness, and then started to sew things to the blue dress. Not convinced, but at least the work has started. In a bit, we run off to a lecture by a visiting artist who is in the studio next to mine. And I keep massaging the pot.

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  1. the pot the pot the pot!!!!
    i'm SO glad you are healing.


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