Saturday, June 23, 2012

I saw a road runner today

[Made from scraps from the dresses, since there is paper left over from cutting patterns, and cord offcuts from the chamber pot.] I love being at ground floor windows because I can see what is going on at ground level. I saw the bird today, my first ever! A road runner that went too quickly for me to photograph, though I scrawled it into my sketchbook later.
This lid is hard to figure out and I keep ripping out, weaving, ripping out, calculating, estimating. I hope I'm on the right track, though I had to take a break from it because my hands hurt too much. I am in a strange mood, and even acupuncture today didn't help. But I did what I could, render scraps into paper yarn, make a tiny piece inspired by Vagner's silver work, little things. I ate too much ice cream and worried about the weight gain that comes from not being able to be as mobile as I usually am, but was happy to go out with Marisa and Vagner tonight (though we were all so exhausted) to a new media opening and to a gay bar. I was happy to be the DD, which along with my foot excused me from imbibing and dancing. Now I'm perked up, played a few notes on my violin, and wonder what will come in the studio before I eventually crash for the night. I love the silent times, the solitude, knowing most everyone else is turned in for the day.

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  1. "I love the silent times, the solitude," beautiful, b/c i know you love the intense times, too. i love that you've completed three dresses!


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