Friday, June 29, 2012

Another transition

Though I wasn't happy about it at first, now I'm glad that I ripped out the mistake and did the lid right.
Open studios went well and we had way more people (and dogs) attend than last month. Here is Ellen's studio, and
There she is in the skirt. She already took off this morning and I saw her and her fiance, Phil, while they were loading the car. I was having breakfast in the studio and felt like a camp kid all over again, everyone leaving while I stay behind. I already miss seeing her in the living space at the computers.
Here is Vagner and Rita in his studio, most likely at the moment where she talked about how much she liked his self-portrait, which he gave to her. I've learned a lot just from seeing him draw and paint and experiment.
Here is Phil in Cobi's studio, and
 Here is Cobi!
I was so busy talking to people in my studio that I didn't realize that everyone else had already started and almost finished their dinner, a communal one. I grabbed a plate and talked for a while with Steve, who just arrived as a visiting artist with his wife. It was good to articulate the place I feel I am right now in my life, wanting a big transition, but knowing it will take a lot of time and energy to make it happen just right. Almost like manually steering an enormous jet.
I stayed up late watching comedy and weaving. If I do well today, I might finish tonight. This morning, I woke up knowing I would skip the gym, and was so happy to have lunch with Vagner and his friend Mike, who will drive back with him to Detroit in a few days, and Cobi and Rita. I stuffed myself full of fish tacos and iced tea and was feeling horrid after overeating for many, many days in a row. That's the downside of going through so many farewells each month.
At least I managed to wash linens as a break from weaving, and Rita invited me for an evening walk, which was ambitious for my foot but excellent for my spirit. I'll miss her a bunch. Then I had dinner in moderation and was very pleased with the salad I made for myself. Strawberries and blueberries and red cabbage and apples and arugula. It doesn't take much to take care of myself, if I put my mind to it.

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