Thursday, June 14, 2012


Marci says I'm like a cat with my naps and independence and need to have things that touch me to be just so. Today was a slow day. Sewing silk was such a treat after sewing paper but the scarf doesn't really work. Vagner said to live with it for a few months and then decide. I visited John and Kumi for lunch at their beautiful home and met their new puppy and it was all so wonderful that I was worn out for the rest of the day.
This was as far as I got last night. Didn't touch it today, or much else. Mostly I laid in bed in the afternoon, icing my foot, napping, reading Joe's book of poetry that was so much more touching because I knew him and Cheryl. No links b/c I am tired but let's hope that means a good night a sleep and a very good day tomorrow in the studio.

p.s. - I lied. One link, to a review of a show I am in. The last bit of the article talks about my woven pieces. Sweet.

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  1. i love the itsy bitsy bit about your pieces!

    have you tried washing the silk? might make a difference.


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