Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ongoing exhaustion

I'm not quite sure why I have been so tired for the last few days, but I have been chasing it with lots of sessions in bed, to nap, to read, to lounge, to elevate the foot. I drew this after seeing a beautiful sake container that John and Kumi own, woven from paper and lacquered.
The chamber pot has almost made it to the bottom but then my hands got tired AND it was time to leave for my first acupuncture appointment (thanks to Jean for the reminder!) at a community acupuncture place that is VERY close to here. Good fortune! I started a new paper dress afterwards.
Kumi gave me calligraphy practice paper when I visited. Though I have no idea what it says, I hung it in the studio because it reminds me of good things: generosity, friendship, practice, language, family, friends, and movement.
I was wiped out after the needles but managed in the early evening to join Vagner for a couple openings on Canyon Road, and then dinner near the Plaza. I've been spending much too much on eating out (and food in general) but it's so hard not to; I enjoy this company so much. Today I'll work until I go for more needles, and then hopefully more galleries (if I have the energy!).


  1. onesmallstitch4:01 PM

    Aimee, take care, your body is telling you to slow down - listen. acupuncture either wipes me out or gives me so much energy I'm flying. love the pot. thanks for the link.

  2. jean is wise, aimee, your body has spoken, listen! really, it's ok to go in fourth gear, not overdrive. who is the little man?

  3. you are BOTH wise! the little man is graffiti on canyon road, just something vagner and i noticed while strolling on friday.


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