Saturday, June 09, 2012

Close calls

I got to bed at a decent hour and slept a decent amount. I didn't really believe in the C part of RICE (compression), but as a test, I wrapped my foot with an elastic sleeve made to block the sun (I didn't have an ace bandage). When I woke up and unwrapped it, I realized that it DOES work, since the part of my foot that wasn't wrapped (my toes) had started to go purple. It still hurts plenty but I was determined to get into the studio, so I packed a bag that would get me from my room to the kitchen (for breakfast), library (to return Rita's book), and my studio. It feels SO good to be back.
I got right to work cutting down and cording some Cleveland hanji so that I could rig Vagner's new hat. The knot can be shifted up and down. I did this because he told me that his hat was 100% paper, so I said the rest of it has to be paper, too. The rest of my workday was pretty low key, a tiny bit of weaving and then drawing a new diagram for my book.
Sweet! He took good care of me today even though I am upright again. The gratitude is immense, for everything that IS working with my body, including the healing process of the foot (and the more gross process of my palms). I am now using heat packs, though I alternate with ice because I am an ice junkie. I found a styrofoam steak container that I put in the large sink in my studio that had been covered up, and jumped up onto the counter to soak my foot and rehab it. But I was an idiot in the dismount and narrowly missed a very bad fall (luckily, I landed on my good foot, though my heart was in my throat by then). I need to be more careful. Just two more hours until a pig roast tonight!

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  1. oh, your POOR foot. it is indeed a mess, but you say it's healing. good! vagner looks very southwest with his hanji cords!


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