Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Museums with artists

After the usual rise and shine, piano and violin, gym and shower, the visual artists left campus for breakfast at La Fonda and a little museum outing. I had hoped to visit more than the rest so I scampered off after eating only to find one museum closed. Luckily, the O'Keeffe was open. Her early watercolors were my favorite, hands down. Then I ran to the New Mexico Museum of Art, which has a sweet courtyard.
I ended up meeting Cobi, Ellen, and Vagner there, so we finished the sweep together.
They are all excellent models. The Santa Fe museums are pretty lax with allowing photography and liquids. I like that better than being reprimanded at the O'Keeffe for how I was carrying things.
We also went to the Palace of the Governors and stopped by the print shop, but Tom Leech was out to lunch so we weren't able to say hello.
Roses everywhere are blooming. On campus, too. When I don't bike to practice, I like to stop and smell the flowers.
Then we walked over to the New Mexico History Museum, which has this crazy wide layout. But I finally found the show I was looking for: Illuminating the Word: The Saint John’s Bible. It is crazy gorgeous. It would be nice to visit again and the center of the gallery is a meditation space (which is nice except for the very loud noise of vents).

This was a wall piece that we all inspected carefully. Shadow profiles, all different.
And then we drove home! Well, Ellen actually drove us back in her Prius, but this was a side trip. Now that I'm up from my nap and energized from the external stimulation (getting out, seeing stuff, hanging out with funny artists), I think I'm ready to tackle some weaving.

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  1. oh, aimee, i'd hoped you finally made the plunge into ownership of an internal combustion engine vehicle. i can so see you pulling up my nasty driveway ever so carefully in you very nifty pickup.


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