Monday, June 18, 2012

In and out of order

Not in sequence: tonight, the last image of the evening, at IAIA, after seeing Charlie's work at the dome.
Saturday afternoon, visiting the Railyard district and some fine galleries.
They're not sewn on yet; I chickened out today but I think I can only begin once the pot part of the pot is done.
Carrot and coconut cupcakes from Dulce, after too much walking and heat yesterday. Vagner had his own (chocolate and red velvet) but we shared and also had iced hibiscus tea. YUM on all counts.
 This was where I was yesterday, I think. It was before we went to see a cute movie at CCA.
To prepare myself for sewing onto the blue dress, I made another dress yesterday so that I would not feel as bad if I screwed up the first.
Today, I was getting closer and closer.
And closer and closer! But after all the good advice about slowing down and listening to my body, I heard myself talk to myself in my head: "What would you tell your students? You'd say, the end of a piece is the most treacherous part b/c you get so excited about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel that you rush and lunge towards it, only to fall on your face and ruin the whole thing. So take your time." Unlike the bike incident, I stopped while I was ahead. But you KNOW I will get this closed up tomorrow.
I also stopped b/c it was time to eat before visiting the Digital Dome at IAIA, where Charlie is preparing a big show for the fall. It's the only one of its kind in the world, fully articulating, where you can project (six projectors, I think) and also use surround sound. The audience lays on the floor on beanbags or high tech chairs that look like car seats crossed with Wall-E. This is before we left: I was laying down and shooting up to Marisa and Vagner, who were standing.
This is when we first arrived, the same two.
And this is with some of Charlie's projections (it's a metal mesh, not fabric or anything like that). I'm hoping for a good night's sleep after a FULL day. Groceries, cooking, studio work, meeting new artists, talking with my publisher, calling home, chatting with Velma, sharing candy with Cobi, eating more gelato, and navigating with not very good GPS on my phone. Guess who is going to sleep a lot at acupuncture tomorrow, too?

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  1. you fit me into this crazy full day?!!! wow. and wow, WOW about the pot.


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