Tuesday, June 12, 2012

La la la day

I feel horribly restless with my bum foot. It's healing, albeit slowly, but I still can't get around at the speed and comfort that allows me to go to the music building or library or gym. So today I drove to the library again to xerox diagrams for my book, and then tried to freehand a dress out of paper I had joomchi-ed. It was very clear from the start that that tactic would not work, so I went off to browse patterns at a really lovely local fabric store.
So lovely, in fact, that of course I could NOT come away without scraps of dupioni silk.
I thought my galavanting for day was over, but then I got an email from my old cranio-sacral therapist, who recommended Traumeel for my foot. That gave me yet another excuse to take the car for a spin. This time I took Vagner, and after we tried out all the creams at Whole Foods, we visited the co-op just to take a peek, and ended with iced tea and coffee at the cafe next door.
I figured that after screwing around all day, I HAD to get this paper dress done today. Thank goodness the woman at the fabric store found me a super simple pattern. This isn't meant to be worn (and I can't fit into it; too small in the hips, plus paper has no give so the hand-sewn seams would burst). It's just a canvas for more paper goodies.
Though of course I will be reluctant to see my vision through because it is so satisfying like this! But there's more paper where that came from, so I can always make more.


  1. the little blue dress is very fine all by itself. i don't think i could use it as canvas, but i know you will take it someplace wonderful. you found a fabric store that has silk! must not be a joann's. oatmeal, strawberries and walnuts for breakfast today, yummy.

  2. onesmallstitch3:10 PM

    sounds like you are doing alot of hopping around on that foot. acupunture is always my answer. the dress is lovely, my vote is with Velma, it's great on it's own but can't wait to see what you do withit. take care.

  3. it's tempting to leave it as is but i also have to remind myself that i have plenty more paper to make more dresses later if i ruin this one! :) and not canvas to paint, but for more paper...


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