Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sluggish Sunday

This morning I met Laura and Steve, friends of Tam, for breakfast. Kindred spirits, migas, cinnamon toast, story swapping, yay! But the rest of the day I was insanely exhausted. My hands and wrists hurt too much from weaving and knitting so I had to break from that, but was not in the mood to do admin. I glued more cones but couldn't finish the piece. I sorted milkweed paper. I thought about a lot about shifts, shifting away from language and books and performance and being an artist. Or maybe the heat and smoke from nearby fires are getting to my head. I had fun conversations with Ellen and the only piece I was able to finish was related to one of her hilarious stories about her childhood (see above). Vagner and I took a break from the studio and headed out for pizza, which was delicious, but then we noticed that an old man at the next table was exposing himself to us. Ugh. We left and got some dessert to bring back and then made lots of jokes about balls on the way home. Now I am back in the studio, hoping to get something done. Even something very small.

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  1. the old man YUCK

    but i love "twig patrol. love that.


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