Friday, June 28, 2013

Two thirds

Steph's excellent way of turning a mistake into a lovely joomchi sample.
I had an extra piece of bark left and remembered amate and tapa production (this closer to the former because it's cooked). I didn't have a rock so I started with the bottom of one of my jiseung teacups.
Oops. I forgot about all the extra gunk in that bark that is now trapped in the crevices of this teacup. This will be a nightmare to remove but a lesson well learned. Partway through, Julie was kind enough to share some rocks with me and I flattened the rest of the 6-foot bark piece easily.
Diane's and Zia's table of drying joomchi samples.
I absolutely love having chalkboards. I had never known the botanical name for konnyaku and now kind of regret knowing what it is (but understand why it is named that way, based on how it looks).
I had time for the first time ever since I've started these workshops to take apart my joomchi teaching samples and combine about five of them into one. Very satisfying, and a good way to show how more layers shrink more than less layers.
I also got a chance to use up some paper yarn samples to twine away on my jiseung book cover sample. Tonight is a quiet work evening, helping one student who is putting in lots of extra hours to make the most of tomorrow, last day! The more time I have for this class, the more I want.

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  1. oh, no, your teacup! i love steph's sample and your updated report from the shrink wrapped studio!


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