Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Late days and nights

Too exhausted to fix the time/date stamp, and who cares, because I still have no idea what day it is. I felt it was every day except Monday, the day it was. I don't know how I survived the day with so little sleep but I'm glad I did. These trees are doing what I would like to do right now.
After the Cave visit and gratifying time with Bridget, she dropped Ching-In and me off near the Walker. We drifted to lunch, errands, and tea time, which involved trying not to fall asleep and reading a first-hand account of a Hmong author.
Then Juliane joined us and we braved the wavering weather (rain, clouds, clouds, rain?) to walk through the sculpture garden across from the Walker, which included a visit to the mini golf functional art. Then we went to stroll around Uptown, all the while craving ice cream.
After a good long bookstore visit, we made it to ice cream! I like how an entire afternoon can be spent looking for it and friendships strengthened over sweet dairy.
We then had Somali food for dinner, and met James and his son for a reunion. We haven't met together (James and Ching-In and me) since first meeting in January 2007 in Vermont.
Now, it's way past bedtime, and I still wonder if I'll be able to haul everything to the airport tomorrow without falling down like all of these storm-damaged ones. I'll find out in a few hours!

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Velma Bolyard said...

i know you're upright and all will be grand in portland. travel well, aimee!