Friday, June 14, 2013

Kitchen oasis

I've been luxuriating in my interim time, which is precious for all sorts of reasons (used as down time, lazy time, work time, prep time, stay-in-one-place time, eat cookies time, etc.), but still punctuated by useless guilt that I'm not doing something else. Today has been delightful because I've been messing with pomegranate dye, testing on various kinds of hanji and also on hanji coated with soy milk. I wish I didn't have to do anything else, but the other tasks are helpful for different parts of the brain, like delving into a Korean jiseung book that talks about the paper armor of soldiers on border patrol being made from the state exams of failed test takers. The little things bring joy, like being able to ingest the ingredients for dyeing and wondering what it was like to weave with ancient blue books.

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