Sunday, June 23, 2013

Going deep

I played with the time stamp to make sure it's still Sunday in my head. What a FULL experience! One that I didn't really even attempt to document with my camera. Too much to show, too much going on, wonderful things. One of my students bravely made yarn from an entire 2 x 3 foot sheet of hanji. This is only one of the many ambitious things that went on all weekend in the wonderful spaces of MCBA. What an amazingly vibrant, beautiful, well-equipped and cared for space!
Maybe someday I'll get to make paper here. For now, I just admired the mill (there another space downstairs where you can make paper, and another beater/beater room! Insane.
And I am shown up by my generous students. I talked in my lecture on Friday (which even was cause for my name on the marquee. I didn't know this until I was told and was so hungry for lunch that I didn't photograph it. I just rushed inside after marveling at "Korean papermaking" in lights so I could eat) about gifting being a big part of my work. Then Karen gave me some Korean hemp, the ladies of the Hanji Crew gave me a bookmark they had made from hanji that I made in Cleveland when they supported my fundraising efforts to build the studio there, and Teri brought fresh flowers from her daughter's garden.

Saturday I was lucky to spend time with Bridget, and tonight with Amanda, both of the Cave. RICHES. I also met Teri, who is family of people who helped me immensely before and during my research in Korea. It turns out her husband trained me over ten years ago back in my past non-profit administrative life. The sun has returned to the city after flash storms my first night that did major damage. So many downed trees, power outages, the works. Inside and oblivious, I was happily yammering away about paper worlds. And one more massive gift: Jana came this morning with a bark-scraping knife, drying brush, and bal from Lynn Amlie's days in Korea doing her groundbreaking hanji learning and research. This place, what a place! I like it here.


  1. I love this post! Ray Hoo, and hugs to Bridget and Amanda (and you!)

  2. WOW, indeed! and the cave, one of my dreams, someday i will get there. i knew it was going to be good, and it SO was.


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