Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sample flurry

Sample book #2 on left, #1 on right. Can you tell I was listening to a discussion about old British methods of execution and how hard it was to be beheaded by a person wielding a sword for the one on the left and a family quarrel on the right?
The colors are all weird but I am lazy both with my camera settings and my Photoshop settings. This book includes both flat and joomchied hanji.
Open the smaller book to this spread, which also covered the time when I was listening to a woman talk about endometriosis.
Open it all the way for all of the brushed samples. I was SO relieved last night to finally finish my longer paper bead necklace, but I'll wait until later to show that to you. Today, Stefan will take care of the true photography for this latest batch of jiseung.


  1. brilliantly simple and elegant. nice aimee!

  2. oh, and isn't it good that the input (into your ears) doesn't equal the output?!


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