Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Back to the list

I'm tackling the to do list that grows two or three more tasks for each one I cross of, but I feel I am making decent headway. I was soaked through yesterday in a downpour while running from my photo shoot to visit the China Institute's current exhibit. My big fear is that if I don't prepare right now for everything to come in the next two months (instead of simply the 11 days that I will be in Minnesota and Oregon), that my less-than-a-week time between long stretches of gigs and moving will be insufficient, and I will drown. Plus, the weather is nice NOW and more conducive to working. The first and last week of July will likely be sticky, full of the drone of air conditioners, and less supportive of diligence.

Then again, when I look back at similarly hectic schedules I've entertained in the not too distant past, I know that I won't drown because I'm here now. Now I'm looking back at what I just wrote and laughing because clearly I am an enormous control freak. So, how did I learn enough to make that bead necklace out of paper? You may already know but here's the story again in the Kyoto Journal (that article was first written for Bull & Branch, and became the seed that sprouted into Chapter Six of my book).

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