Thursday, June 20, 2013

Almost in the air

After all the, I'm leaving soon, I'm leaving soon, it's finally on top of me. I hate leaving home at 5:30am but sometimes these things happen. What I want to leave you with for now:

1. Tomorrow, Friday (June 21), I'll speak at 7pm at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts in Minneapolis. Lots and LOTS of hanji samples and objects, books to be signed and taken away while held close to the heart, and tons of images (you can imagine the whole thing to be a movie b/c I click through slides so quickly).

2. New pictures of new work! The knitted slip & slide, and then a bunch of new jiseung pieces here, which start at this image (you can click on the image to go forward).

3. It's hard to find public art (or really any) that is well sited, thoughtfully conceived, and well executed. But now there are droplets in Tacoma! I often admire Chandler and her work from afar because she is on the opposite coast, and then I was able to admire her from up close when I was in Tacoma this spring. Now, another reason to visit.

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  1. as barry says, travel well. we both will.


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