Saturday, June 29, 2013

Three thirds!

Susan's brilliant bark pages woven hanji cover book.  Julie called it essentially a Melissa Jay Craig / Aimee Lee mashup.
 Gale's coffee-dyed hanji cover book with beads on the spine and threads sewn throughout.
Dina's festive joomchi yarn: she carefully made hanji confetti, felted it to a big base sheet, and prepared this yarn to knit with.
Donna's baskets, a mix of hanji, pattern paper, and cedar bark.
 Zia's lovely joomchi samples using all sorts of test papers from this classroom and beyond, plus non-traditional shapes for base sheets.
Julie's kakishibu-dyed hanji covers with Iowa kozo pages sewn in with kozo bark thread.
Diane's joomchi covers with jiseung cords running throughout, one of many joomchi samples that include landscapes and lacy hanji from lots of thorough handling.
Dawn's gorgeous joomchi sample using hanji and grab bag papers, making the best use of almost yarn.
Steph's final book cover that proves she is getting better and better as she twines away.
Leia's amazingly tight paper yarn, all done with her hands because she was wearing pants so her thighs were not available for rolling.

I'm fried by the sudden increase in heat, something like a 20 degree jump in a day, but grateful for these full days and wonderful, engaged students. I keep learning more and more, and get to meet titans of the book arts world each day. Tomorrow is the market, so fingers crossed for enough book sales to allow me to fly home without excess baggage!


  1. Anonymous12:29 PM

    fantastic student work - that's because they have a fantastic teacher. Keep cool, Aimee.

  2. agree with jean. the work is great, that extra day make a huge difference. julie is so right!

  3. the word was exceedingly chegpol. or shegpol... a word for you!

  4. What wonderful work! Congrats on a great class. And, I definitely agree with Julie about that first one, made me smile.


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