Saturday, June 22, 2013


I have no idea what day it is and have been struggling to figure it out for the last few hours as I prepare for class. I was convinced it was Monday at breakfast, then Sunday, then Friday. Wrong on all counts, but something about traveling through time zones (even if it's only one) and through the least obvious ways (modern air travel means traveling from A to C to B) has warped my sense of everything. Where am I, why am I here, and am I ready? Of course I am ready to teach in the Twin Cities, and though I would love a little more sleep, I always prefer traveling backwards through time so I have real morning time.

I found these old images in a Korean book about jiseung and wish I had a suit of paper armor right now. I know soldiers these days have to withstand things worse than cold, arrows, and stones, but this paper armor seems much kinder than the Kevlar and fireproofed poison things they wear now (though certainly warfare was just as barbaric then as it is now).

Last night's talk at MCBA was great. I was so impressed by the space: what an amazing center for book arts! I look forward to teaching there this weekend and in the meantime, enjoy more of Chandler's Droplets.


Velma Bolyard said...

yay and today is saturday aimee! i think.
i love chandler's project.

Anonymous said...

love the old images, love Chandler's work - the best, appropriate public art. wish I could see it "in person". I'm rooting for you, with you in spirit - any day.