Thursday, August 22, 2013

Whirling about

Yesterday I had many meetings, and the highlight of the day came when I went over to visit CPAC and saw this welcome sign on the door. This is one of the smartest things I have seen an organization implement as visitor policy! Even before you set foot inside, you feel special.
Melissa arrived after all of my meetings and we talked and talked and talked late into the night. I decided to crash with her on the floor (we had our separate sections), grateful for air conditioning as the humidity has been rising. She had gifts and stories and most importantly, enough energy after the long drive to provide wonderful company! Today, she had MASSIVE prep for her totally-booked class that begins tomorrow. I got through lots of odds and ends because I need to clear away my things for the classes that will occupy the studio over the next few days. Up there is beautiful pina paper by Asao. So strong, so lovely!
Up there is the slightest bit of joomchi, below is thigh-spun pina paper thread.
And this is that same thigh-spun thread tightened up on the bobbin winder. I used some of it to sew a big piece that I was joomchi-ing in the morning.
There are about a billion projects going on in every single corner of the Morgan right now. The beater room walls are going up, and Stephanie was hard at work today working with Mason on it. I have had the nicest few days in the bindery getting to know Marlene, one of the interns, and will be sad to see her go.
And, sorely neglected today was my admin work. Yikes! But I absolutely love this call for stories for next summer's Hand Papermaking issue. A ceramic artist friend recently suggested that maybe I take one more day off from the studio, and that may happen tomorrow, though days away from the studio are not days off. There are two libraries I definitely want to visit sooner than later. And I probably can't stay away for long, because I am greedy for more of Melissa's company.

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  1. Anonymous3:26 PM

    love those paper yarns. what a lovely welcome on the door.


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