Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New pacing attempt

[Melissa and her ears.] Yesterday everything was shrieking in my head because I hadn't taken any real time off for a while. I keep forgetting that it's okay and useful to take evenings and weekends away from work because there is so much I want to push forward. But of course nothing much of lasting value comes from pushing. So last night I decided to pace myself a little better. Today, I went in late and left early. Tomorrow, I won't go in at all but I WILL visit a farm. Thursday is a complete reversal because I have six different appointments. But only one on Friday!
I did insist to myself yesterday that I had to make paper, and I did, though it was decidedly poor stuff. And today I did some more sewing on a piece that may or may not go into the Morgan's fundraiser. I survived a meeting that I was dreading, only to find that things are not as dire as they seem! Back to baby steps.

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