Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pacing still clunky

One of the last days of BigAss this week, before they broke down the screens and siphoned off the vat into the garden, went inevitably to blue paper. Tom loves blue kozo (try to guess which limbs are attached to him in this photo).
You never really know how it looks until it dries. There were some huge deckle box sheets that were turning into a giving tree, which will be displayed during the kozo garden dedication next month.
I had been feeling blue and discouraged about what I'm doing (or not), but Friday came with a wealth of gifts. I had already gotten a lovely kozo-core drop spindle from Kevin last weekend. Then the mail came with a lovely article about my Minneapolis workshop in Korean Quarterly by Libby, shifu from Asao, a letter from Jim with lots of reading and insights, a check for my book from Vagner with a gift certificate, and the most beautiful card and artwork from Therese of hanji made in my class and shifu learned in Velma's. ENTIRELY wonderful and loving and perfectly timed. Then Claudio came by from Montana on his way home to Oberlin, and dropped off equipment and knapweed paper to share.

Speaking of mail art, you can my letter to Joe and Cheryl on a handmade paper apron here.

MAYBE I will allow myself a day off today from work as I still attempt to sort out the best way to schedule my days and nights and everything in between.

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