Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunny bursting weekends

The days slide by, FULL beyond imagining. Friday was my day to visit Loganberry Books, the Verne Gallery, and the Rockefeller Park Greenhouse. It was a welcome detour from the usual days. I've also gotten great quality time with Melissa in between her long days of teaching. Saturday I met a bunch of Asian people at Edgewater Park, and that may have been my one and only summer bbq (it's possible there were more but I have no memory at the moment).
There's another festival today but the exhaustion catches up to me daily, so it might just be half-hearted admin, and then dinner with Melissa and her longtime friend, before we turn in early. The doors have gone up in the new beater room, and I hope more doors keep opening to me as I figure out the best way to build a life here.

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