Monday, August 12, 2013

Starting the real days

I'll show more of the sequence later, but there was a LOT of big ass paper made over the last week. Whew. Julie and Mike left this morning for Iowa and I was sad to say goodbye last night after our final dinner together, because it means that my real life here begins (the visitors leave and I stay!), which is scary, but also good.
One great thing is that Vagner lives only three hours away, and he came to visit this weekend! It was good timing, with all of the festivities surrounding a show opening, teaching, and visitors (big dinner party cooked by Mike). We were able to get away to visit the art museum and contemporary art museum and eat good Korean food and catch up. Now, Monday, with a huge pile of work waiting for me inside of my head and computer.

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  1. so great to see you and Vagner together!


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