Friday, August 09, 2013

Friday, already?

The Big Ass Papermaking is well underway. Hooray for the sun after all this rain threatening to spoil the fun!

Watching the sheets being detached from their screens is so satisfying and lovely, hands visible under the dry paper.
I worked on a tiny sample that came from a question Julie had about spinning on the bobbin winder as opposed to the thigh, and what happens when you mix the two.
Repurposing nails with heads too large for a stump loom, but who cares when you just want to use up some paper dyed with calligraphy ink?
It was obviously a day for ice pops.
The sheet freshly formed being carried away to lay onto bricks and dry. I was part of the morning crowd but was terrible at my corner and got very, very wet, so I let other hands do the work in the afternoon shift. Tonight was the very successful opening of the Morgan's new juried show, its very first. Saw SO many old face and met lots of new folks as well. Overwhelmed by how many people I already know and like in this town!


ronnie said...

OMG - thats a Very Big Sheet!

Velma Bolyard said...

i want to make the big ones. yep! i love your little samples. read bright moon talisman to my class yesterday. they loved it.