Monday, August 19, 2013

Repercussions of antsy

I can't believe there aren't more images of the beater room coming together, but then again, all hands are need for the work. It's going to be strange to have this area walled in, but it will also be fantastic to have a beater room (and smaller, warmer work space for wintertime).
In the process of waving away flies outside during lunch, I ended up throwing my phone across the cement. I have too many things going on my head and my body just flails around. But the nice thing about quiet Mondays is that I was able to finish up the last bits of paper on my sorry stump loom. It has been mesmerizing, even though I know I could be doing it better and wish Velma could be at my elbow. I was also very happy to finally get a chance to clean out and organize the cabinet for eastern papermaking, and there were lots of surprises in there. Oh, and lots of scraps are soaking in a bucket for papermaking that I hope happens this week.

Juliane alerted me to Ruth Asawa's passing, and I took a moment to look at her work. Of course the crocheted wire is wonderful, but I love that she did some paper-related things, too.


Velma Bolyard said...

just LOOK at that weaving! love the continuous piece and the sphere looks nifty. i'd be happy to be at your elbow as you know.

Anonymous said...

love all those pieces, your stump loom must be working because the squares look great. the teeny tiny baskets are amazing. take care of yourself.