Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Big Ass Papermaking begins

Lumber for the new beater room arrived today. SO many bodies rushing the wood in. SO many interns today!
Julie (center) is explaining to Kirsten and Liora the ins and outs of the Big Ass paper screens. Liora stayed in the vat throughout to hog it (keep the fiber stirred and distributed evenly) and it's appropriate b/c she's a swimmer!
Julie got Kirsten inside, too. Note the other type of screen getting ready for this sheet. Ideally, there are eight people to pull a single sheet.
Liora and Jared work on pulling away a dry sheet. Gossamer thin, lovely. If you want, there are still some spots left in the class this weekend! Friday, Saturday, Sunday: enjoy making paper that makes you feel like a kid in a backyard pool. I got in to help Liora after Kirsten got out of the vat and it was a nice break from all the other work piling up on me. Also, Christine did a nice write-up of my class, more pictures than I managed!

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  1. Awesome! I totally wish I could participate. (Side note: I love the name Liora. It means 'light' in Hebrew, and I once had a cat by that name.)


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