Thursday, August 29, 2013

The slimmest thread

First thing in the morning, I learned the dangers of rushing: I walked into the bed frame and my shin is suffering, but luckily missed the knee. Then I proceeded to forget to change out of my flip flops into normal shoes and was mortified at each meeting I had to have such informally shod feet. Among other things. But I survived my first two downtown meetings after the initial frenzy, walked through the farmers market, called Velma, and drove to Oberlin. These mushrooms are on the lawn in front of
the building where we may potentially hold a papermaking class in the winter. It is always so strange to return to campus, but I was happy to be with allies who support fully my papermaking charge and then ran into my drawing prof and very first advisor.
Gang showers a bit of a mess but at least one is still operating, so we have water! After the site visit and follow up, I got to meet the wife of someone I met last weekend at a networking BBQ, and she had some great ideas for resources. One was this website, 100 days in cleveland. After finishing up at Oberlin, I drove to the western suburbs to meeting with the director of a music studio about teaching violin lessons. So much to think about if I return to my old stomping grounds, this business of music education!
After dropping by the Morgan to unload paper I made Monday and to have another meeting about a loooming grant deadline, I visited the opening of the faculty exhibit at CIA and enjoyed the range of the work, coveted a few things, and bumped into new and old friends. I somehow made it back home right before dark. One more meeting tomorrow and possibly another opening, but otherwise, more grant busting, admin, and hopefully getting back to the paper! This weekend I'm hoping for quiet studio time. Which reminds me, I'd love to be HERE.


Velma Bolyard said...

more about this book, please. and, well, you DID it!

Anonymous said...

--looks like you are surviving although the pace sounds too-o hectic. I once went out in my bedroom slippers! but you are too young to do that.

aimee said...

made me laugh! but it's true: i AM too young for it, and it has been going on for a long time because i have been doing too many things for a long time!