Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Looking forward

This is a picture by Julie, of her own beautiful dress made of BigAss paper (piled on the table) and sumi ink, macrame belt, and impeccable design and patterning. I absolutely love her work, and her. Yesterday was a big watershed, huge changes coming from unexpected gifts of service. I'm looking at my life and trajectory differently. Not drastically, but like what Louis C.K. mentions in his Live at the Beacon show, about being high and driving and realizing he probably has not looked out the windshield for about 25 minutes, neglecting an entire "spectrum of responsibility." I sometimes feel like that, in a real car and in my life: so busy fiddling with the controls and figuring out how all the accessories work that I get distracted from the most important task at hand. Whether that task is getting somewhere or not crashing the car is still up for grabs.

If you like mail art type things and poets, write to Joe:

Melissa arrives today!! Life gets better and better.


  1. what a gorgeous outfit! good luck with 'the car' :D (I often have to remind myself - the journey is more important than the destination - as I get focused on things in the distance and forget to look around me as I'm hurtling along in life....)

  2. you look like a princess, aimee in julie's beautiful dress! (better not call it a big ass dress, though). i have off cuts from julie's paper susan sent me to spin--

  3. Wow, what an amazing dress!!!

  4. Therese7:20 AM

    what an incredible dress....julie's sumi design and pattern is ... genius !
    opens my mind to more paper possibilities...wish I could have stayed for those Big Ass Paper days...sigh.


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