Sunday, March 24, 2013

Whisked and back

Where I got to go, after the opening hubbub. The view from the place I stayed; coming down from it to see the water was even more spectacular. Plus passing the salmon spawning areas. And so on. No real way to take good images or reason to because it's the kind of thing that needs to just be drunk in, in the moment.
The wall with the most shelves in the show. It's like the whimsy wall, I think. I had a surprise visitor on Saturday, a conservator interested in my work and book, someone who also knew Asao!
To get a break and be alone for a bit, my hosts were so wise as to send me to a place for an affordable hour to soak in mineral water and get wrapped (and shower and sauna afterwards). Oh, the simple luxury of a bath. So necessary yet overlooked as an option while traveling! Though my Tacoma host did have a wonderful pink tub that I took two hot baths in, joyfully.
Lunch today was at a brewery. I wanted to keep eating and eating and eating. Have I mentioned how much I have been eating? I am not one to photograph my food, because I am so hungry by the time it arrives that all I want to do is get it in my belly. Dinner the night prior was at a huge spa/lodge place. We got to go outside to see the campfire and the stars while waiting to be seated.
I saw this from the car on the way up but we stopped on the way back so I could see it in person.
Before that, after lunch, I got a bit of exercise helping the wee one fly his fighter jet kite. Here's his dad attempting flight, though the wind was not so favorable.
Here's the rest of that waterfall and of course I didn't pay attention to the name. [update: Lisa reminded me: Multnomah Falls!], and we were too tired (pregnant host, dog just happy to be out of the car, 3 yo waiting in the car with father) to climb up to the bridge or to the top, but it's all pretty enough from the foot of the falls. Now I'm back to work and hoping I get to actually see Portland this week! It's bound to happen.


  1. I love the look of that waterfall!

  2. what a pace! i've seen pics of that falls before, good that you got a dose of mama nature. i love the waal of whimsey!

  3. It's Multnomah Falls. So glad you got to see it!

    1. thanks for that! it's always better to get it straight.


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