Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The final West Coast city: Portland!

All hands on deck in Tacoma at APCC! This was a great classroom: lots of table space, lots of counter space, two sinks, and lots of windows. We covered a LOT in just a day an a half and the students were wonderful.
One of my youngest students, and one of the most diligent. She did a LOT of weaving. I was impressed with everyone, because they all finished their homework (cutting down and making 16 cords).
Patsy and the start of her basket. I had randomly chosen to wear green, but she did it consciously for the holiday.
We had tons of scraps left over from the Wing Luke event. Total abundance, if you know what you're doing (it's hanji! There are sooo many possibilities). After the workshop ended, I was able to visit quickly with Jessica and Chandler, which was all sorts of delightful even in my post-teaching stupor. I was amazed at how difficult it was for me to form sounds with my mouth and process everything. I'm glad they were still nice to me, even though I was blabbering.
I was sad to leave Patsy's cozy home and wondrous Korean mom/grandmom caretaking, but enjoyed the scenery on the train ride down to Portland. Shir Ly picked me up at the station, we dropped by Cloth & Goods to pick up extra books, and then headed to the wonder that is c3. This is one of the beautiful things that greeted me upon arrival.
I walked a bit to get something to eat and was sad to see this on the local bookstore windows. Though I was very happy with my food (and drink. I finally let myself indulge after many days of workworkwork).
Last night, I designed this new necklace. Patsy has the original; this is my copy. Very happy about having a new piece for the paper jewelry workshop next weekend!
The space is fantastic. I am so very delighted to be here and to start hanging my show. We rushed off to OCAC so I could set up and give my talk. It was another healthy crowd and I was glad to move a few more books and meet a student who had just given a presentation about me to a class, not realizing that I was coming to talk tonight. Tomorrow, I hope to sleep in. Or at least loll about in bed for a while before starting to work again.


  1. It all sounds and looks great: congrats! I love the photo of 'the start' and also the new necklace. RayHoo!

  2. the space, the necklace, the light, and a tiny pink book i recognize! YAY!


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