Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Plans: 75% success

I forgot to charge my phone so I wasn't able to leave as early as I wanted this morning, which was good because I was able to sort my bark threads by length, but which unexpectedly threw off my whole morning schedule. After a 2.5-hour detour, I made it to a salon to fix my trim for $11 (for those on the inside: the hairdresser was NOT Korean, but Vietnamese^^). I laughed because she was very upfront about why certain styles don't work on me "because of your cowlick." SO TRUE. I'll know tomorrow when I wash it out how successful my second Pacific NW haircut was.
I did a lot of meandering afterwards downtown, which included retail shops, food trucks, contemporary art places (I was mortified by a sheet of paper hung on the wall: it looked exactly like the kind of decorative paper you buy in a basic art supply store for $3/sheet, NOT made by the artist. I didn't read anything about the show so I'm not sure if there was some irony that was lost on me, and maybe it was part of the object laying on the floor near the wall), and then riding one bus back and forth three times as I realized I wouldn't get to the Japanese garden on time.
I DID get a lot of exercise, though I was grateful to find a map in a cafe where I saw a public library branch. I sat for about an hour and read zines (zines at the public library! So exciting), deeply satisfied by the luxury of sitting quietly and reading a whole range of stories. It has been a long time.
Then I had the treat of sharing dinner with Melissa of Cloth & Goods, who had so generously hosted me last week for my book signing. It was super comfortable to chill and learn more about her work and life and family. After an easy bus ride home, I'm back in the tangles of work, and amazed that in less than a week, I'll be back in New York!

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Velma Bolyard said...

i love your photos one and four because they are in wonderful juxtaposition tot he others...and are so reflective of the way it is (i think?) anyway, the bark thread is grand.