Monday, March 04, 2013


In California! Tomorrow, Tuesday (March 5): I'll be speaking at UC Davis in Everson 157 at 4pm. Lots of hanji, art, objects, photos, videos. I am being taken care of very well by a good friend and Tam even came to visit from Reno! She came bearing wondrous gifts and also practical things that I had forgotten in NY and we ate cupcakes and walked around and lots of catching up. I have not slept enough and remember why travel is exhausting but wonderful. I saw palm trees today. Have to remind myself: in Cali, not east, and not where these good folks last night were going at gate B6 of O'Hare.


  1. friends with gifts are extra special! enjoy!

  2. You gave me gifts, too! I now think we should have gotten two cupcakes each like those fashionable college girls.

    1. I didn't see them with two! Hmmm. I have extra time today so maybe I'll get my second one before getting on the train.


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