Saturday, March 02, 2013


Today is my last full day before I fly to California to start my west coast book tour. Yesterday I had my final fling with NYC, which included schlepping books to AsiaStore (yay! A NYC retail location for my books!), being a nice citizen by telling someone in front of me that his backpack was zipped open, promptly getting on the wrong subway, somehow making it to lunch on time but slashing my finger at the entrance, accidentally taking a huge hunk of butter thinking it was cheese and then eating ALL OF IT in hopes that by eating the evidence, no one would notice that I had made that mistake, hanging out with a dear friend, having dinner with family, and then trying to sleep with the knowledge that the equivalent of my yearly butter intake was in my system all at once.

Let's hope I make it onto the plane without further mishap.

One final note, more serious: I was very sad to hear that the mother of two of my dear friends and colleagues in Cleveland passed away last weekend. She was the benefactor who made the Morgan's hanji studio possible and I am sorry that I was never able to meet her in person. Thank you and rest in peace!

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  1. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Aimee - hope the trip is safe, healthy and WONDERFUL! maybe all that butter will grease the way!


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