Thursday, March 07, 2013

At the water's edge

Note to self: it helps when I can install artwork for people instead of giving them all sorts of instructions from a distance, thinking that it will make sense to anyone but me. I was very happy to have been able to hang this (so subtle; it has changed a LOT in the almost 4 years since it was born) to everyone's satisfaction, safely!
My last morning in Davis looked sunny, though the forecast was rain. I left my umbrella behind while strolling and got caught in the rain. So I ran down to hang out with huge, active ducks by the water because of the tree canopy. When it came down harder, I stood directly under a trunklike branch to stay dry. This little one kept me company.
I snapped this before making a payment for some hanji that is enroute to Seattle for my event at the Wing Luke Museum, though it may also be put into play for my talk/demo at UW Seattle. My talks at both Davis and Berkeley were wonderful: generous, diverse crowds with lots of enthusiasm. The traveling exhibit goes over well, though it's packed in with my clothes for a month, gifts for hosts, and supplies for workshops, so it's tricky to be discreet in my entrances and exits as I pack and unpack hanji and underwear simultaneously.
I wasn't able to walk a lot of the arboretum in Davis but this was a root sample. I have scheduled my first two weeks on the road so that I am only in one place for up to three nights. It's easy to feel rootless but my friends have been such kind and generous hosts that I'm okay, and love the quiet time I get in their homes that feel to me like refuge. Mostly, I am so grateful that every single day of my tour (at least for the California leg) involves daily hugs. Now, a walk to the Pacific!

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