Monday, March 11, 2013

Familiar faces of fiber

Back at Mills, but this time to teach papermaking: scrap wood to weigh kozo while soaking, cooked fiber and cooking liquor, vat. Class is tomorrow but today is all about prep.
The hot plate works! I'm always skeptical when I can't see fire, but we're on batch two. The curved wooden piece is great to stir with though we don't know what its original purpose was. My talk yesterday at the Mills library had a wonderful turnout, a lovely spread of goodies, and lots and lots of interesting and interested people asking lots of questions. I sold out of books, so I'll be traveling that much lighter when I fly to Seattle on Wednesday. Alisa Golden did a wonderful write-up of my lecture, complete with images of some of my props. This is what I love about the Bay Area book arts community—enthusiasm and generous support of each other.


  1. a wonderful write up, aimee, and such a beautiful thing, cooking fiber at mills. lucky students!

  2. Excellent write-up! And yes: lucky Mills students!

    (I've cooked my fiber w/ a hot plate for many years.)

  3. fantastic write-up and well deserved.


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