Thursday, March 28, 2013

It always gets thicker at the end

There are so many spaces like this in Portland and I have no idea from the outside what is going on inside. Today was FULL, from running to catch the bus to a meeting at the contemporary craft museum downtown, to being in the gallery when I saw a woman lock her bike outside and walk inside: another artist and wonderfully warm and supportive guest. After logistics and admin and snacks, I napped for ten minutes before jumping up to catch the bus again, this time to visit 23 Sandy, which was all too wonderful. Of course I came away with something, a flexagon by Jessica, paper by Helen. I met Julie Johnson there and then we went away to a wonderful dinner in a house-turned-restaurant. SO MUCH to talk about; I love kindred spirits.
She was so kind as to drive me all the way back and got a peek at the show and a few goodies (like Velma's book), and quietly left a little bag of gifts for me before she left. I thought she was leaving things to teach with when I saw the pussy willow branches, but then opened the MOST WONDERFUL care package. Truly embodied the whole idea behind a care package. Violet leaves infused in vinegar, healing tea, and healing balm. I almost fell down in gratitude and surprise. Two days in a row with visits/meals/gifts from wonderful paper folks! Who have been reading and getting the book in ways that only paper people can.

[The career-y things seem less exciting in comparison but I will mention a review of my book that came out today and also that you can buy my book in New Hampshire!]


  1. oh, aimee, i am so happy it was a good day! what a world of amazing papermakers!

  2. Lovely gifts, and a great review! Another in a continuing series of RayHoo moments: I wish you many, many more.


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