Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring sun

Last night, anxiety returned to erase sleep. I treated myself to a lovely treatment, which went pleasantly longer than I expected, so I skipped yoga and headed downtown for more exploring before coming back to meet with Jack. He had SO many gifts for me, plus books to show me (like the Dard Hunter one on Japanese, Korean, and Chinese papermaking) and a video of his own water-operated stamper and mill in Idaho, built with Jim Croft and friends. He gave me a woven lid, a piece of fig tree bark used to make amate in Mexico, a facsimile of holding a brush correctly, and lots of books he has published on various subjects he thought I would be interested in based on his experience of reading my book and seeing my show. Then we had a late lunch down the street that had a free jukebox. I was thinking about how few people might actually see my work or read my words but that the right people always come out of the woodwork, and the ONE person who gets it might be worth the whole trip. And I mean really gets it (though I have to admit that I am meeting another one tomorrow for dinner...).
It's hard to see the length on this bark thread (about the length of my legs), but they are so satisfying. I started to weave with them last night but then was not happy with how they were turning out so I will have to figure out a new plan. Instead of the nap that my bloodshot eyes so sorely needed, I made it to a gentle yoga class and now remember I need to mention things I keep forgetting while in transit!

1. For Korean readers, a story about my lecture in Berkeley earlier this month.
2. For Michigan folks, my princesses & peas print will be on view at the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center very soon.
3. For those who like to buy art in auctions to support the book arts, Resilience is one of many fine pieces available to benefit the Center for Book Arts in NYC.
4. For Portlanders, my final event this trip will be a paper jewelry workshop this Saturday.

There's more, but that's all my head can handle before I put it down for the night. One last blessing from the sky today: sun instead of rain!

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  1. wow, WOW! i hope you slept last night. jack and julie. lucky you!


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