Friday, March 08, 2013

Ocean as magnet

Yesterday was overcast and a bit rainy but I had to see the water (besides, the reward is too delicious and so close).
Today was much sunnier, but also much windier. But I am a bit more opened up after a yoga class yesterday with Naomi. I sat there trying to remember when I was last in a yoga class and I fear it may have been the last time I was in California, two years ago (almost exactly)!
You can't see any of it here but everything is sparkling because the wind is blowing sand constantly. I was happy to be on sand after walking over three miles on concrete to run errands (shipping art for a show in Hungary, the bank, watching the neighborhood shift, remembering when I lived here briefly, almost 15 years ago).
Not mine, but glad someone went barefoot. I'm working hard at relaxing, which probably means I'm failing. But I am definitely enjoying the sliver of time off before I get back to work this weekend.

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  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    ---it's just nice to know that we're on the same ocean, I'd put a message in a bottle but it wouldn't reach you in time!


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