Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The book has arrived

I didn't think it would happen this quickly, but my book is finally available for sale! If you go here and then click through on the bottom, you can order online (either order as a person with a credit card, or choose the other link if you are ordering for a library, retailer, wholesaler, etc.).

Back to the recap:
Andrea is on the very left, keeping the runway line in the wings in order. Karla Elling's hat is entirely too fabulous, and made of lots of prickly pear skeletons (which I prefer infinitely over chicken wire).
Zulay with paper hat and scarf.
Danielle modeling for the Korean designers.

TOM! Going from a hat by Mike McLaughlin to a hat by Asao.

Bill in a war protest vest.
Asao trying to add commentary: his entire outfit is made from shifu (from hanji, I think, but can't remember exactly) but he had bought a scarf from a Korean designer that was part hanji and part silk. I was amazed, actually, to hear how much hanji in general was used as I listened to the descriptions during the whole runway show. Gratified, too.
Gibby and her outfit made entirely of paper, including the shoes!
Betsy and her book necklace.
Mimi in a paper hat and ecoprinted outfit. I was amazed to meet her because she works so hard but is so tiny! It was fun in general to meet people whose faces I had completely made up and constructed in my head for all these years. I am still recovering from conference and wondering how it will all ripple into my life.

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